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Onthophagus gazella

Onthophagus gazella

(Length 10-13mm)

Identifying features

Onthophagus gazella is a rounded smallish beetle (10 – 13mm), two-toned in colour, with a dark brown pronotum and wing covers a lighter brown. The legs are golden brown with distinctive dark oval patches on the underside of each femur. Large males have a pair of straight horns at the back of the head.


Onthophagus gazella is native to Africa, south of the Sahara. It is widespread globally, including Australia, but not recorded in the higher rainfall zone of the south west. Five hundred Onthophagus gazelle were released on an east Manjimup site in 1973.

Additional Information

Onthophagus gazelle builds nests 20 to 25cm below the dung pad. Nests comprise several brood masses, each containing a single egg. Development from egg to adults takes 3 – 5 weeks.

Onthophagus gazelle flies at dawn and dusk.


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