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Image by: David McClenaghan


Onitis alexis

Onitis alexis

(Length 13-20mm)

Identifying features

Onitis alexis is a medium sized attractive two-toned beetle. The pronotum may be green or coppery with light brown wing covers. The ventral surface and legs are black or with a dark green sheen.

The male has a single rose thorn-like spur on the on the hind leg. It is this feature that distinguishes from male Onitis alexis. Females have a distinctive bump at the back of the head


Onitis alexis is native through Africa, south of the Sahara, and in southern Europe. It has become widely established in Australia though not recorded in the high rainfall zone of the south west in recent monitoring.

Additional Information

Onitis alexis is active from spring to autumn. O. aygulus builds nests of several dung sausages, each containing 1 to 4 eggs, 25cm beneath dung pads. Development from egg to adult can be from 2 – 10 months, in which case the species may over-winter as adults or larvae.

Onitis alexis flies at dawn and dusk.


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