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Geotrupes spiniger Kelly Burton





Image by: Kelly Burton


Geotrupes spiniger 

Geotrupes spiniger

(Length 20-25mm)

Identifying features:

This is a large glossy black beetle with a metallic blue/purple surface underneath. It cannot be confused with any other species of dung beetle found in Australia.


Geotrupes spiniger occurs widely through Europe, including the British Isles. It occurs in Northern Mediterranean, in the Balkans, Ukraine and Middle East through to the Pakistani border. In Australia it has establishes in Tas, Vic, Southeastern and Northeastern NSW.

Additional Information:

Geotrupes spiniger is active from early spring until early Winter. Beetles fly at dusk and dawn. Nests are constructed 20cm or more under the dung pad, and comprise several brook masses each containing a single egg. Development from egg to adult takes from 6 to 12 months depending on the season. 

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