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Euoniticellus pallipes

Euoniticellus pallipes

(Length 9-12mm)

Identifying features

Euoniticellus pallipes is a light to mid-brown small beetle (9 – 12mm) with dark speckling over the thorax (pronotum) and wing covers (elytra). There are three pairs of shiny dark patches along the centre of the pronotum.

E. pallipes females have a small ridge between the eyes whereas the males’ ridge is shallowly arched.


Euoniticellus pallipes is native to southern Europe through to India. In the south west it has been located on an east Manjimup site.

Additional Information

Euoniticellus pallipes is active from spring to autumn. They build nests of several brood masses, each containing a single egg which develops into an adult between 5 and 7 weeks. The adult life span is 2 – 3 months. E. pallipes flies during the day.


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