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Image by: David Mc Clenaghan



Image by: David Mc Clenaghan



Euoniticellus intermedius


Euoniticellus intermidius (Northern Sandy Dung Beettle)

(Length 7-9mm)

Identifying features

Euoniticellus intermedius is a small yellow brown beetle (7 – 9mm) with a diamond pattern on the pronotum. Females have a single ridge between the eyes, males have a distinct blunt horn on their head.



Euoniticellus intermedius is native to Africa, south of the Sahara. It is widespread in Australia but not recorded in the higher rainfall zone of the south west.


Additional Information

Euoniticellus intermedius is active from spring to autumn. Nests of several brood masses are built 15cm below the dung pad with one egg in each mass. Development from egg to adult is 4 – 6 weeks in summer.




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